oktober, 2011 - Alpine Legends

Arkiv: okt 2011

Les Calanques – French Fjords

The fifth highest cliff in Europe is just around the corner from Cassis on the Mediterranean coast. 394 m.a.s. How do we know it’s true? Well we don’t but at least it sounds impressive doesn’t it. On top of it there is a spectacular road called Route des Cretes and it closes on windy days… Läs vidare

We arrived in a green valley and…

left a white one… Winter has finally arrived, or? St. Moritz has a lot to offer, but only about 42 days of snowfall a year. I experienced two out of 42. Hallelujah! We arrived in a green valley and left a white one. Magic morning memory. Looking out through my window at 7 am. One good Läs vidare

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