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Pelles Dal – Valpelline

Jag alltid varit lite nyfiken på Valpelline, eftersom jag själv kallades Pelle när jag var liten.. Jag trodde i min enfald att namnet betydde lille Pelles dal. Nu är det ju inte så. Pelle betyder hud på italienska och namnet härrör sig sannolikt från de små djurhudar av bergsget man tog sig ner i Aosta Läs vidare

Johanna – Swiss Champagne

There is no such thing as a Swiss Champagne but if it were, Johanna Fridheim would remind us of such. Nice and calm in the bottle, but as soon as you bump her a bit she will be bursting with ideas and energy. A very social creature indeed and active too especially in a Swiss Läs vidare

Robert, dancing mountain lover

Since Alpine Legends always try to develop and find new legendary destinations, we also have to find new guides. Last year we found one of them in one of our favorite hotels in Switzerland, Ski Lodge Engelberg. Robert Lönnell was just what we were looking for. Besides being a fantastic bar man, mixing legendary cocktails, Läs vidare

Ina likes it fast

Sometimes you meet people that are obviously here and now. And still very aware of what is to be done. Planning and spontaneous. That’s Ina. Carpe diem! Catch the day and enjoy. Maybe it comes from her spending a lot of time on the water, in constant changing wind conditions. Most of her childhood holidays Läs vidare

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