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Tillbaks till turparadiset

Innan nyårsfirandet skulle ta vid var det dags att fly apberget i Champoluc och dra söderut. Via Malpensa för att plocka upp ständige tursugne herr Brunnberg för en vända upp i vildmarken, där liftarna lyser med sin frånvaro och vi i mer eller mindre ensamt majestät kunde bestiga magiska toppar och surfa ner längs orördaLäs vidare

Powder and big air on Brunni

After a couple of days of too much Christmas food here in Engelberg we decided that it was time to work those legs a bit. Luckily we received around 40 cm of fresh snow over the Christmas days. Yesterday we went up to Brunni for our annual day of playing around with good friends. TitlisLäs vidare

Polvere Rosa

Just when the sun sets, especially in early winter season and with the clear sky, the Monte Rosa deserves its name most. When the evening approaches, the powder of the massive mountain turns into pink. Pink Powder, Polvere Rosa. But we hit the untracked off pist from Colle Bettaforca just before noon, with the sunLäs vidare

Engelberg ski jumping

Engelberg is not known for hosting too many world cup events during the winter in the alpine disciplines. But the ski jumping world cup event the weekend before Christmas has become an annual event during the years. Since Alpine Legends like events in leaning terrain we thought we had to go and check it out. TheLäs vidare


After a long and fantastic autumn at Westmannstrasse in Stockholm it was time to move home to Engelberg again. After a short trip to Italy with a client and a legendary kick off in Austria I am finally installed in my apartment at Titlisstrasse. One of the big advantages of having an alpine office isLäs vidare

Kickoff in an Austrian castle

At last it was finally time for our annual Kick-off in the Alps! We were invited to stay at Schlosshotel Rosenegg in Fieberbrunn, Austria. The castle goes back to the 12th century, with ghost and everything. The legend claims that Napoleon stayed overnight here… We thanked the weather Gods, it began to snow just beforeLäs vidare

Scottish powder in SHREDinburgh

Scotland has been under siege from some relentless snow storms in the last 2 weeks. I have been making suree to get most of this record breaking december snow fall. With the roads closed and no access to the highlands for the first days we got creative and found there is lost to do justLäs vidare


I torsdags åkte jag till Schweiz för att följa med på en studieresa till Flims-Laax tillsammans med ett gäng glada danskar, norrmän och finnar. Vi bodde i Laax-Murschetg som är den av byarna som utvecklats mest de senaste åren. Här har man byggt upp Rocksresort som består av 8 kvadratiska hus med designade lägenheter. ILäs vidare

Snow, bikes and cups of tea

Back on my bike and back in the snow! After 6 weeks of physiotherapy and swimming and not a lot of work, I’m fighting fit and so excited to be on the trails again! For my first ride I teamed up with an all star legendary cast of friends comprising of Miss Jaymie Mart fromLäs vidare

Trekking the Amalfi Coast

In the beginning there were eruptions, then there was the peninsula of Sorrento. We oftenly speak about that we work only in leaning terrain. In steep surroundings. After our first trip to the Amalfi coast we are even more proud to claim this fact. Even if we hardly found any tracks, it felt like thisLäs vidare

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