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Campione in pista!

Sometimes you run into that special place or person. Especially in our line of work. Take
for example today when going around foggy slopes checking out the ski area of Santa
Caterina Valfurva, hidden pearl full of pow one year ago. Entering the modest pizzeria and
rifugio Bellavista and legendary pizza champion Elio Ungaro open up his arms and explain
how to make the best pizza on earth! Here you can forget about Pizza Hawaii with pine-
apple or Kebab pizza. In the end of Valtellina of course he is delivering the greatest pizzas
in Italy (according to himself) as for example the Bormese with Bresaola or the 4 cheeses
from the valley! Which seem to have been the one he used taking 6th place in the Pizza
World Championships -97. And when he became the pizzaiolo of the year in Italy -93! It is
so easy to just love these personalities, specially when you are out skiing in the Alps!

Elio serving his own special dish;pizza baked pasta “Trofio scoglio impanata”!

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