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Chris Balmer – Our Swiss Dahu

Our second foreign guide is of course from Switzerland. Since we have lots
of guests in the land of cheese and chocolate every winter and many of us
live there during the snowy season, Chris was an easy choice. A great friend
since ten years, who felt that working with IT solutions every day was not
enough. And since he must be born with a special talent, taking care of people,
it was only natural that he joined in when we started Alpine Legends four years
ago. The best thing with Chris when you are out working is that he never gets
tired. When skiing and conference sessions are over he happily stays out dancing
all night, only to be the first one in the breakfast room the next morning.

The next step between Chris and Alpine Legends is also taken. Since this
spring he is a part owner in our Swiss company Alpine Legends GmbH. His
plan is to find Swiss companies that want to do alpine conferences the way
they do in Sweden, not only in the Alps but also up in Scandinavia. We are
sure that Chris is the right man for that job.

When Chris is not powder skiing around his home mountains in Engelberg or
somewhere else in the Alps with happy guests, he takes out his Kite surfing
equipment. Sometimes you really wonder if he might like that sport even better
than skiing. This sport has taken him to lots of exotic places around the world
like Egypt, Brazil, Portugal, France and Scandinavia. Travelling is another great
passion for Chris and his former job as a chef gave him opportunities to live in
both North America and Asia. But he still loves Switzerland, where he lives in a
beautiful house by the lake of Zug together with his girlfriend Moni and powder
dog Jil.

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