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Road Trip (Swe/Nor) Part1

„Buorre beaivi“
(Good day in Samish)

After a little over two weeks on the road I have arrived in Lapland.
At the moment I am at Riksgränsen, a ski place in Sweden on the border
to Norway. Situated along the rail road from Kiruna to Narvik.

But let’s start at the beginning…..

I left Switzerland on the 9th of May with my VW Bus and drove to Lörach
(Germany) where I loaded my bus on to the night train to Hamburg. 
On the train I med a guy called Jocke who was on his way home to Malmö
(Sweden) after spending a season at Chamonix (France).

After a relaxing night on the train I arrived the next morning at Hamburg.
The funny thing is you drive your car of the train in the middle of the
train station and drive by the kiosk, book shop, etc.

After leaving Germany behind by taking a ferry across to Denmark,
I drove up to Copenhagen for a short visit. I parked my bus a little outside
of town (where I god my first parking ticket) and went into Copenhagen
on the bike.

Two hours later I had enough city action and got back on the road. 
Soon after Copenhagen I drove to Sweden by using the „Oresund bridge“
this master piece of architect was opened in 2001. The length of the bridge
is almost 8000m and it cost me 59 Euros to cross it.

My first overnight stay within Sweden was in Lund, where I visited Lina,
a friend I know through skiing. Linda is a specialist on Lofoten
(a place north in Norway) so she gave me a map with all the things I have
to see and do when I get up to Lofoten.

After Lund I drove up along the east cost of Sweden towards Stockholm.
The plan was to be in Stockholm 3 days later…….but it all came different!
On the first day driving along the east coast I came up to Kalmar and
decided to go over to Öland for the night. Again you have to use a bridge
to get over there. This bridge is about 6km long. So there I was driving
peacefully a cross the bridge dinking about a glass of vine soon and a nice
place somewhere on the beach.  Then my bus died, just when I came off
the bridge. Fertig, finish, over, dead….

So I had more then enough time to take some pictures at Öland 😉

Looking back over the bridge to Kalmar

Typical for Öland are the wind mills spread all over the island.

Bird watching is big on Öland to, very exiting…!

Me on the bike, took me some time to take a picture of myself. You
know placing the camera running back to the bike and look relaxed 😉

That’s a good one
Surfing on Öland. The two pictures in combination say more then words.


My home on Öland for 7 days

Didn’t get the following one? Is it ok or maybe not…..

And finally after 6 days they got the new engine and got my bus to get

I’m telling you, I didn’t feel to good about it when I saw my bus like that!

After 7 days on Öland I left the place again with a different engine and
a little less money in my pocket.

So with a delay of some days I arrived in Stockholm. Unfortunately I was
a little late for the dinner Anna organized but I still could meet up with
some friends for a drink. Thanks to all of you for hanging in there until I
finally arrived!!

I only stayed one night at Stockholm. Before I left I stopped by the Alpine
Legends office for a few hours.

The office from the outside….

and from the inside….

The next few days I traveled with Anna, to check out some ski locations
in Sweden and Norway. We left Stockholm and drove first to Åre where
we stayed two nights with friends.

On the way to Åre we stopped for dinner at a restaurant called Sybilla,
where I had my first “Tunnbrödrulle”. This is a hot-dog with mashed
potatoes, crab salad, ketchup, onions and more, rolled in a thin bröd.
Very tasty!!

Åre “The Mountain”.

Dinner at Åsa and Hennings place, a little outside of Åre.

A little bit outside of Duved we had a look at the Tännfosen waterfall.
Because of the fast melting snow it was very impressive to see the
power of this waterfall!

Back in Åre at the Peak house 😉

After Åre we got on the road again to Riksgränsen. After  12h driving!!
and a Pizza stop at Jokkmokk we arrived at Riksgränsen the same day at

The good thing it doesn’t get dark at night anymore at that time of the
year so it’s easier to drive. The only obstacles on the road are the Reindeers.
They like to hang out around and on the road for some reason.

On the way up north.

As I mentioned before, we didn’t have much traffic driving up north but
still you have to watch out for some silly creature on the road.

Arriving in Kiruna, a town that life’s of the iron mining business. The iron
get’s transported from Kiruna to Narvik, where they load the big ships and
send it of all over the world. 

The train transporting the iron to the cost of Narvik through the mountains
of Sweden and Norway. The train passes the ski location Riksgränsen as

Hanging out at the Riksgränsen Hotel.

Going for a drive with outside Narvik with Kicki

Spoiling ourselves with a great dinner at Metrologen Hotel.

This picture was taken around midnight outside Metrologen Hotel.
That’s about how “dark” it gets right now up here!

Well, this is it for now. Anna went back to Stockholm yesterday to do
some real work again 😉 thanks for showing me around!

Hope you had fun looking at the pix.

I will try to upload more pix later on during my trip. The plan for now is
staying up north (Riksgränsen, Narvik, Lofoten) for two weeks and then
move down to Stryn.

Thanks and by

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