Our Friends

We should probably stick to “none mentioned, none forgotten”, but we still feel like thanking some of our friends.

A big thanks to our fantastic suppliers who make sure that we always have the newest, best and coolest gear on the market: Peak PerformanceSalomonKombiSuunto and Alpingaraget – who would we be, and most importantly how would we look, without you?

Thank you Sherpa Pra Sec, at the bottom of Monterosa in St Jacques, for letting us spend the night and enjoy your grappa and comfortable beds. Thank you Remo Baltermia and all you great mountain guides whom we have to honor to work with over and over again. Thank you Sandhamnsguiderna for always helping out when we swap our mountains for the archipelago. And of course a huge thank you to Mattias FredrikssonsOskar EnanderDan KullbergLars Thulin and Mike Guest who continually contribute with legendary pictures. Not to mention the amazing films that Henrik Andersson lets us use.

We would also like to mention that we are sponsors of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. It is very important for us to take responsibility for the future by supporting the SSNC important work on sustainability for a better environment.

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