United by a passion for skiing and service, we met in July 2006 under a fruit tree on the Royal Island in Stockholm. Erik had just finished Business School after 12 skiing seasons, Johan flew in from his summer hide-away in Norway, Henrik from his base at the foot of Monterosa and Peffe from another hiking session in the French Alps. It was easy to decide to start Alpine Legends, where our lifestyle could nurture our souls, bodies and families. Anna, a favorite choice, was called in from her office work in Luzern, to add some female wisdom and experience. And here we are, a group of passionate professionals with an ocean of experiences, at your service.

  • We know our mountains.

    Group trips to the mountains have never been easier. We take care of everything from A-Z, leaving you with every ounce of energy to have a great time. However high your demands, we will do our utmost to cater for them.
  • We know that beautiful views breed beautiful thoughts.

    Meetings between people have everything to gain from beautiful surroundings. Already in ancient Greece they acknowledged the effect of stunning views on insight. Say what you want about the Alps, you cannot deny their spectacular beauty.
  • We understand that the journey is not the goal.

    A company-trip is not a holiday. We are talking about a whole different level of efficiency and timing. The purpose with the trip is to become a better and prosperous company - which is exactly what we are specialized in.
  • We have the dream job.

    Sure, we do ski during working hours! But the best part about our job is actually to make sure that you are having a great time. To guide you around the mountain, to find the conference rooms you didn't know existed, and of course show you our favorite restaurants.
  • We love regulars.

    We customize the trip to your demands. We want you and your group to be so pleased that you come back for more, year after year! It's a win-win concept for all parties involved.
  • We offer an unlimited amount of destinations.

    We bring groups to mountains all around the world, so we are pretty confident when we say that we can offer destinations you may have never heard of. Curious? Please do give us a call!