Winter is back in Engelberg ;-) - Alpine Legends

Winter is back in Engelberg ;-)

Time to take of t-shirt and flipflops again and gear up for skiing!

We were up on the mountain in Engelberg and skied some nice lines at
Steinberg, Sulz and Steintäli. Able to add some new tracks on the mountain
pretty much everywhere we went.

Moni cutting along the edge

What a Saturday! Not many people were expecting such a nice day on
the mountain. You could tell on the few people on and off the slopes.

Thomas writing his name on the mountain!

Beat having fun on Steinberg 😉

looking out for some more untouched terrain….

Sven on his way down at “Steintäli” after lunch. The snow has turned
a little bit heavier but it’s still fun to be out there.

Damian still fighting with the balance after a night out at Yuci….

Some happy faces after some epic runs 😉

Thank you and have a nice day!
/Chris & Friends

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