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A Word To Our Sponsors

OK, we had a great winter, full of snow, sun and happy clients. And as usual we would
not have made it as good without all the great equipment and clothes!


Big thanks to Peter Malm & Co. at Peak Performance for keeping us electric violet,
warm and dry! Big hug to Simon at Salomon for new skis, bindings and boots!


Many thanks to Klingheim agency for delivering our safety by great ABS-backpacks!


NAJO, saving our ears and keeping our heads goodlooking through the winter! TNX!


We´ve been running uphill and flying downhill on light skis & bindings from Dynafit!
We are most grateful, Patrik Nordin & Co.


And finally, to the glove department at Kombi, Grazie mille, Örjan! Thumbs up!

Thanks also to Suunto and Alpingaraget! Keep up the good collaboration. You rock!

/The Dahu Team

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