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United by a passion for skiing and service, we met in July 2006 under a fruit tree on the Royal Island in Stockholm. Erik had just finished Business School after 12 skiing seasons, Johan flew in from his summer hide-away in Norway, Henrik from his base at the foot of Monterosa and Peffe from another hiking session in the French Alps. It was easy to decide to start Alpine Legends, where our lifestyle could nurture our souls, bodies and families. Anna, a favorite choice, was called in from her office work in Luzern, to add some female wisdom and experience. And here we are, a group of passionate professionals with an ocean of experiences, at your service.

  • We know our mountains.

    Group trips to the mountains have never been easier. We take care of everything from A-Z, leaving you with every ounce of energy to have a great time. However high your demands, we will do our utmost to cater for them.
  • We know that beautiful views breed beautiful thoughts.

    Meetings between people have everything to gain from beautiful surroundings. Already in ancient Greece they acknowledged the effect of stunning views on insight. Say what you want about the Alps, you cannot deny their spectacular beauty.
  • We understand that the journey is not the goal.

    A company-trip is not a holiday. We are talking about a whole different level of efficiency and timing. The purpose with the trip is to become a better and prosperous company - which is exactly what we are specialized in.
  • We have the dream job.

    Sure, we do ski during working hours! But the best part about our job is actually to make sure that you are having a great time. To guide you around the mountain, to find the conference rooms you didn't know existed, and of course show you our favorite restaurants.
  • We love regulars.

    We customize the trip to your demands. We want you and your group to be so pleased that you come back for more, year after year! It's a win-win concept for all parties involved.
  • We offer an unlimited amount of destinations.

    We bring groups to mountains all around the world, so we are pretty confident when we say that we can offer destinations you may have never heard of. Curious? Please do give us a call!


  • Lapland / North of the Arctic Circle

    In recent years, we have rekindled a fondness for our own mighty mountain range in northern Scandinavia. Many groups have experienced the endless and ski-friendly mountains around Abisko and Riksgränsen, as well as the well-groomed pistes in convivial Björkliden.

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  • Venerable Mürren

    In our experience, Mürren leaves no-one unimpressed. The village is a literal cliffhanger at 400 meters above the Lauterbrunnen valley, right in the middle of the Swiss Berner Oberland. The spectacular view includes the classic peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Film-enthusiasts will be happy to know they are in the exact location where “In Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was filmed in 1967. [:]

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  • Leogang Cycling Paradise

    There is a beautifully charming place in Austria where even the bikes smile.

    Astonishingly green mountains and broad beautiful valleys. This is where stunning cycle paths wind along the wild streams in the valley, all the way down to the famous ‘Zell am See’ lake, surrounded by old wooden cabins and happy cows.

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  • La Dolce Vita

    What does one do with a bunch of delightful IT-consultants who have been in pretty much any ski resort worth mentioning? You take them to Cortina of course![:]

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  • Congress in St Moritz

    Imagine a group of 220 participants from 20+ countries with 67 different travel arrangements. Imagine all of these being transported comfortably to a major resort with a lot of snow. All these individuals want to feel as special as they are. No worries – we fix it![:]

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  • Hiking on the Sunny side of Mont Blanc

    Late summer a young active company wanted something different. Somewhat spoiled, everybody had “been there, done that”. The management wanted to inspire health and wellbeing away from the big city life. We had the solution.[:]

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  • Bottomless powder and belly dancing in Turkey

    Where do you go with six guys who go skiing more in a week, than most do in a season? Where do you go with six guys who have been skiing with us as long as we can remember? closer to 30 years … Why not Turkey with its seven ski resorts?

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  • Meetings on a Vespa in Piemonte

    Our popular concept of a Vespa-safari is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, no matter the season. Anyone could manage these class 1 mopeds, and the feeling reminds you of the feeling of skiing together. Only here you’re riding in shorts and a t-shirt. [:]

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  • Mountains and swimming in Annecy

    15 people who wanted to prolong the summer and combine Tour de France cycling in the mountains, staying in a mountain hut with French dining in an exclusive waterfront location.[:]

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  • Thermal bath and culinary gems

    Our dear clients the lawyers did not want to stay in Reykjavik as everyone else. Therefore, we had the first meeting and accommodation at the beautiful and comfortable B&B Frost and Fire, located at a waterfall in the small village of Hveragerdi, at the foot of the mountain.[:]

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The Team

Anna Skoglund

1974. Our Production Manager enjoys downhill biking and sailing but happens to own a speedboat. After several seasons at Monte Rosa Hütte she speaks Swiss German like a local and still claims Zermatt to be the best ski resort in the world. Mother of the cutest twins on earth

+46 (0)8 562 159 95

Erik Borggren

1979. Our Managing Director from the West Coast of Sweden. This dedicated young man is the envy of his friends, not only because of his beautiful wife but that he can ski all day and call it a job. But we all know he is a hard working office guru. Swedish herring or Italian carpaccio, this gourmet guy knows how to enjoy it all.

+46 (0)8 562 159 92

Henrik Hultberg

1968. Our Creative Tour Producer has a weak spot for the Italian Alps and knows all about the Aosta Valley. His strongest mountain memory is the peak climb of Kilimanjaro. As much as he loves to search for new mountains around the Alps and beyond, a discovery of a good restaurant pleases him just the same.

+46 70 8496769

Johan Andersson

1971. Our Sales Manager from Sweden’s south. He spends the winters in the Alps, the summers in Stryn (Norway) and the autumns in Stockholm. Starting his umpteenth skiing season and still enjoys it. The hours he spends on the slopes are challenged by the quality time he spends on long lunches in the sun.

+46 70 8488159

Malin Rosén

1979. Project manager and the strongest girl in the world? Certainly. World champion in kettlebell should be proof enough. Add to that a burning passion for skiing and gymnastics. She has previously stapled together medical conferences for thousands of participants and ranks high on the list of francophiles. A proud mother of Otto.

+46 (0)8 562 159 96

Love Larson

1995. With a pleasant calm from the mountainous county of Jämtland Love loves ski touring and powder skiing. He has spent much of his chosen time in the Italian Alps. A multi tasking multi talent. As of 2022 he is a well organised producer of trips and tours.

+46 73 6100846

Our Guides

Peffe Brzezinski

1958. Our own alpine encyclopaedia. He’s lived in the Alps since 1992, speaks 6 languages and has skied in more than 550 resorts. He is currently writing a book about his mountain experiences and it is worth noting that in the 80s he introduced the Monoski to Sweden.

+46 70 4710783

Lina Bodi Edström

1988. A calm but energetic young woman dreamt of the Alps and ended up in Engelberg inspired from an article in a ski magazine.
Already at a tender age she managed to get to Disneyland by being rather inventive.. She has made Engelberg her alpine home and lives with her loved one in the forest above the village. Event Manager at Ski Lodge.

Cia Ekstedt

50+. With a burning passion for water, snow and high mounatins. Sails faster than most and hard to beat on the mountain or on the tennis court. Speaks French English and German and knows how to smile in Italian. Fascinated by Tibet. Event manager at the House of Nobility in Stockholm.

Hasse Olsson

1970. Originally from Stockholm with a passion for Italian mountains, food and drinks. He lives most of the year in Champoluc, Monterosa. With one foot at Alpingaraget, Swedens leading ski-retailer (with the world’s largest ski boot sales!), he is our technical adviser and gear master.

Henrik Nilsson

1969. Our own Olympic athlete is seen happily skiing when the ice is too thick for rowing. Originally from the south of Sweden he has an intellect for snow and leadership training.

Kristian "Baggen" Baggerud

1964. He has become one of the softspoken locals in Chamonix. He has run several bars and restaurants in the Alps and skis as much and as soon as possible - when he doesn’t mountain bike.

Lian Green-Brzezinska

1958. Lian coaches humanitarian organisations and also teaches leadership. She has managed to spend 30+ ski seasons in the Alps. Mother of four. She has a predisposed love for Italy and its culture while at the same time having no problem swapping the snow for camels in Morocco.

Pelle "Bagarn" Bagewitz

1970. Our own Mountain Guide UIAGM trained at ENSA in Chamonix, where he lives since last the century. Lately he is enjoying other mountains as well. He rushes off to Finale or Kalymnos to go climbing as soon as the snow is gone.

Tatiana Broman

50+. Master Cave Dive Instructor with Russian roots. She has an incredible feel for people as well as being seriously service minded. Moved back from Mexico when she became a proud mother to Frida, and is now based in Oslo.
A hell-of-a skier and does more mountain bike than most.

Tomas "Tompa" Månsson

1962. A rocker who is a happily married house-owner in Chamonix. He’s a chef, a mountain climber, a skier and a musician with a history as bass player for Sweden’s answer to Bruce Springsteen.

Johan "Sunkan" Wihlborg

1966. After a life of skiing Johan now is walking legend. A daughter changed his life from the king of bars in Chamonix for almost 30 years. Among his famous creations you will find Bar du Moulin and South Bar. His life is now divided between coaching kids outside Stockholm and hikes at dreamlike destinations. Behind his very Swedish name there is some Italian temper from his father.

Anna Persengård

1974. Fearless and enthusiastic multitalented woman and mother of two. Brings happiness and service to conference hotel when she is not away on alpine adventures for Alpine Legends. Our own expert of the Via Lattea ski area.

Niclas Ferin

1970. He left a skateboard and pinball career in Sweden for skiing the big mountains and never turned back. Spent some time in the water around Greece as a diving instructor, but soon returned to skiing the Alps. Blade technician when his is not fittings boots in Chamonix where he lives with wife and two kids.

Ville Persson

1986. A vivid skier with a big heart. A smooth talker and a talented listener, even for children with reduced hearing. He is highly service minded and always ready to give a hand. Engelberg is his second home turf. Master at Excel.

+46 73 509 68 99

Micke Green

1960. Faster than most. A father of 3. He has a wealth of experience from all over the Alps where he loves to spend his time. When he’s not fishing, kayaking, running or skiing his works as a Purser at SAS.

Gabriella Lindén

1990. Gabriella came to Champoluc, Italy, many years ago and found both the love of a husband and the Alps. She passed the 1st step of the Swedish Sci instructor course, as well as the Swiss Hotel school, so she is already an expert in the area of service. And yes, she can jive! better than the most.

Filippo Guiot

1968. Filippo was born and raised at a family run hotel in Sestriere. Ski Teacher, Alpine Ski Trainer and Restaurant Owner before he met Anna. Moved to Kinna in Sweden and runs a Sport Shop. Loves fast cars and Mountain Biking

Chris Balmer

1969. A former freestyle skier from Engelberg, Switzerland, with a big heart. His new favorite sport is Stand Up Paddling. Exchanges the skiing for kite surfing as soon as the summer wind blows.

Jonatan Brzezinski

1989. Spend his childhood skiing in Megève with his three sisters. Prefers to be called Jonte in any of the five languages he speaks. Well travelled in 60+ countries. Had his base on Gotland after 3,5 yrs in the Middle East. Works as Generalist Delegate for the Red Cross.

Karin Malmberg

1982. She left Sweden for the magnificent mountains around Monterosa. A gentle appearance hides a big heart and will of a rock. When not working at a hotel in Champoluc she runs uphill with or without skis all over the Alps.
Lives in Zürich.

Jennie Bengtsson

1976. Jennie is from the west coast of Sweden, and have left the sport retail for high mountains of Mont Blanc. Well trained in service as an air hostess our guest will benefit of her contagious smile.

Johanna Sundström

1995. 1995. After several winter seasons in Engelberg with plenty of skiing and some work in between she has finally landed in our team. Just finished a Bachelor Environmental studies. Her joy of skiing and a service mind are her assets.

Jonas Engelin

1980. Our in-house DJ from the Swedish west coast has more energy than most. After couple of years as The bar manager in the Swiss resort of Engelberg, he is now back in Engelberg after some time in the Norwegian mountains. A former pro swimmer, water polo player and boxer he is now ready to take on new challenges.

Paula Hansen

Welltravelled and down-to-earth free rider with extensive experience of the Swiss hotel and restaurant industry Has a great attention to service and details. Lives and works in Engelberg when she is not being in front of the camera of pro photographer Oscar Enander.

Nina Rahm Beckman

A multitalented and sporty person who loves the outdoor. She was pro mogul skier US back in the days and you can see that she know how to do it.

Helena Rapaport

After a couple of years in the Swedish Alpine Ski Team she has changed steep and icy ski runs for the Stockholm School of Economics. But she certainly hasn't stopped skiing.
We are happy and proud to be able to share her knowledge and humble service spirit as a guide.
Just as a little tip, overtaking Helena in the pist is at your own risk.

Mattias Karlsson

aka Matte K is a native of Jönköping with a promising hockey career behind him. Gradually his interest in mountains and snow took over and winters started to be spent in the Alps. In the meantime he managed to finish a MBA. The combination of well educated strong skier and curiosity about people makes him a brilliant guide.

Vilda Karström

Left Sweden at the age of 2 and grew up in the Alpi Marittime in south-west Piedmont. In a sibling group of ten brothers, Vilda quickly became accustomed to dealing with multi-willed groups.
Vilda is passionate about music and masters the harp and transverse flute as well as organetto and singing, she is happy to take our guests dancing and singing down the slopes!


    “All went awesome!  We had an amazing time and everyone was so excited. Your guides were brilliant as always. Hats off to all 3 of them – Anna, Hasse and Love!
    Many thanks for everything, even the weather !! Did you plan that too 🤣🤣?”
    Roberta Geres, Mr Green part of William Hill

    “It was the first ski conference that I’ve been on with my new company and it certainly exceeded all expectations. Thank you so much for all of your efforts both before and during the conference – you were all constantly cheery and helpful whenever I had any questions.

    A highlight was the unforgettable dinner at El Paradiso on Friday night. Everything from the music upon arrival, the candle-lit walk and ice sculptures made the evening truly special.

    Please pass on my thanks to all who were involved, but especially Erik, Tatiana, Henrik, and whoever organised the conditions on Thursday and Sunday!”

    Anna, Congress for consultants

    “Many thanks to you and the team for an excellently run conference last week. I have been to many of these types of events in my corporate travels and the work that Alpine Legends did for our team far exceeded any of my past experiences.

    Not only were you tight and accurate, but you all did it in a way that you treated us as partners and friends rather than simply clients.”

    Jonathan Hodge, BTS in St Moritz


Vad gör en skidort på sommaren ?

Dolomiterna är om möjligt ännu vackrare på sommaren.   Tignes i de franska Alperna förklarade häromdagen vintern avslutat och önskar alla välkomna till sommarskidåkning på en av Alperna få öppna glaciärer. Läs mer här Chamonix som ju ödmjukt kallar sig för ”världens huvudstad för skidåkning och alpinism” är onekligen en kändis för många skidåkare. Att Läs vidare

Ski In Ski Out

Skidrummet i Hinterhagalm i Saalbach ligger bra till. Tänk att bara att sitta ner och ta på sig pjäxorna, knuffa upp dörren, släppa skidorna, klicka i bindningarna och staka iväg utför backen.  Vilken dröm! Och när man är klar med dagens skidåkning, ta ett sista åk i hemmabacken och göra en stoppsladd utanför skidrummet. Några Läs vidare

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Our Friends

We should probably stick to “none mentioned, none forgotten”, but we still feel like thanking some of our friends.

A big thanks to our fantastic suppliers who make sure that we always have the newest, best and coolest gear on the market: Peak PerformanceSalomonKombiSuunto and Alpingaraget – who would we be, and most importantly how would we look, without you?

Thank you Sherpa Pra Sec, at the bottom of Monterosa in St Jacques, for letting us spend the night and enjoy your grappa and comfortable beds. Thank you Remo Baltermia and all you great mountain guides whom we have to honor to work with over and over again. Thank you Sandhamnsguiderna for always helping out when we swap our mountains for the archipelago. And of course a huge thank you to Mattias FredrikssonsOskar EnanderDan KullbergLars Thulin and Mike Guest who continually contribute with legendary pictures. Not to mention the amazing films that Henrik Andersson lets us use.

We would also like to mention that we are sponsors of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. It is very important for us to take responsibility for the future by supporting the SSNC important work on sustainability for a better environment.

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