Alpine design awards - Alpine Legends

Alpine design awards

Through all years of travelling the Alps it has been hard to avoid some
particularly designed ski wear. I definitely enjoy some guys that might
not ”geared up” since -88, keeps me entertained on a cold day on the piste.

Classical fluffy body suit from O´Neill, definitely makes me feel like surfing…

Why didn´t we see more of this favourite; FIRE & ICE!!

This 30 cm wide ”back plate” on a nice violet Nevica jacket caught my attention
in a cable car last month. Sure I am blessed in my hunting, living in the italian
Alps… Must be one hell of a technical jacket….

But the outstanding superior winner of ”back plates” goes to this artistic
guy, what a vagabond by the way, who just slipped out the door at La Grange
Restaurant yesterday, I desperately but gently asked him to take a photo
of the masterpiece, since I was so impressed…

Maybe not ski resorts only, but a mighty job with the needle by his mum!
He proudly presented that his favourite trip actually was to Sweden. He
actually even admitted that some of the marks he got from his brother…

Never stop exploring new resorts!


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