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Another springday in Åre

On Sunday the guys rented scooters and went up the mountain.
Excited as kids on christmas eve…

I met up with my friend Åsa Zachrisson in Edsåsdalen for another trip
on cross country skis. She packed her daughter Anna in a sledge and
off we went.

Up to Vita Renen which is located right on the tree line. There is no lift up
here, so you either take your skis, the scooter or get pulled up by the pist-

Still focusing on the coffee stops we found a nice spot on the snow and
the reindeer skin below the restaurant. Coffee and some really crispy
waffles… mmm yammi : )

After going up you can enjoy the easy way down again. You almost don´t
have to push at all on the way back.

Little Anna was asleep all the way and woke up just as we got back to
Edsåsdalen. According to Åsa she enjoys beeing on tour in the sledge.

After the tour I picked up the guys from the their scooter trip and then
we went to Åre for some after scooter, after ski and to watch the Red Bull
home run. Sun, spring and happy faces everywhere!

We even got some royal prescence of Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf.
Here with Uffe and Svempa smiling away on each side at Hyddan.

Red Bull Homerum is a ”chineese downhill” from the top of Åreskutan
all the way down. 200 persons signed up. Everybody starts simoultaneously
… first man down wins!

One guy had a helm camera on so for anyone interessting in seeing what it
was like just click on the link:

Hans Olsson won the skiers class and Erik Nylander the snowboarders.
There was a party at Timmerstugan already before the race started and I
am sure it continued quite some time after we passed by….

We ended this nice day with a sauna and dinner at Wersens.


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