Bike & Kite in the Swiss Alps - Alpine Legends

Bike & Kite in the Swiss Alps

In preparation for my bike ride to the Himalayas I am over in Switzerland
to take on some of the high mountain passes armed with all I need in my
trailer and my swiss half price rail card if it all just get a wee bit to much
I set off.

After flying in to Zurich I decided to hop on a train and get my self in to
base of the mountains to cut out the boring high ways and flat lands and
concentrate on getting in some 2000m + passes in.

Armed with the power of the banana and a map I took time to plan this
next section of the adventure.

after a what felt like a life time I made it up the mightey Albula pass all 2315m.
the next section was down hill what a welcomed brake I also knew there
was a kitesurfing session to be had 🙂 in silvaplana.

when I arrived it was not hard to find Chris as he was off out to
take the dog for a paddle as you do !!!

Kite session at 1800m and 3000m peeks in the back ground fantastic.

this was my first fresh water kite experience and I was loveing it no
salt water in the eyes.

Air time !!

Now after all that exercise in one day where better to go than the
Hotel Laudinella just down the road in St. Moritz for a mouth watering
Chateau briand oh la la.

I can be shure that I will find no Chateau briand in the Tibetan plateaus
keep tuned for the next part of the adventure Tibet here I come!!!! 😉


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