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Born ski guide-Jossan Brzezinska

Number 2 up in the summer blog on our AL-guides is the mytical super
skier of the Brzezinski-family, namely Josefina Brzezinska, born ski guide.

If you already have had the pleasure of being one of Jossan´s skiing guests,
you probably have seen mostly the back of her. Born and raised with the
skis on, mainly in the French ski resort Mégève, she´s hard to catch and has an
inspiring flow cruising down the snowy mountains.  Growing up in a big skiing
family by the foot of Mont Blanc´s north face, and with ski guiding parents the
script was set from the start.  I remember when Jossan was 12 years old and
she told me she was going to become a skiing guide when she grew up, and now
we are working together! The social skills also came along naturally, growing up
among skiers and colorful people and a traveling grand mother as role model.

When time came to start studying for the future, Jossan ended up in northern
Swedish town of Östersund (just like her father once did and close to Åre ski resort)
Here she is studying economy and the bright future might first be filled with dream
trips like skiing in Morocco or South America. But when winter approaches the Alps
normally starts calling her name.

Jossan is a particularly warm and caring person mastering the special combination
of gentle service and rational organization. Still young but full of experience,  she´s
been skiing plenty of the best places in the Alps and her favorite ski resorts are Courmayeur
(mainly for the great Italian food…) and Norwegian summer ski paradise Stryn, where
she´s been running the Pub at Folven this summer. If you ask her which hotel she might
check in to either on job or holiday, the answer would be Hotel Kurhaus Alpina in Swiss
ski resort Lenzerheide. Anyway, most likely you´ll run into her around Engelberg, or on
the never ending snow fields of the Titlis glaciers…

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