Cross country skiing in Åre - Alpine Legends

Cross country skiing in Åre

Me and Uffe went up to Åre on Maundy Thursday to spend easter up here
visiting friends. Yesterday we had a fun day skiing slush in Duved and

Today the girls decided to have a relaxing day on cross country skis.
A perfect way to get a little exercise, a lot of sun and to get away from the
crowd a bit.

Here are the Link sisters Anna & Emma with Åreskutan in the background.

We went on a short trip in Ullådalen. It was a fantastic springday and it
was easy to see the red crosses that are showing you the way.

Our first stop was at Lillåstugan.

After that we found a place to dig our own snow pitch. Sunglasses is a

and so is the hot  chocolate : )

We were laughing away looking at fellow cross country skiers trying to
make their way down the slope on the other side.

And then it was our turn. You don´t feel as steady on these thin needles
so it is a challenge for sure if you are not used to it.

Ok, so maybe we did not focus enough on the skiing more on the sun and
the hot chocolate, but we had a really nice day so it looks like I will go
on another tour tomorrow.


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