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Exotic summer skiing in Stryn

On my way from Stockholm back down to the summer Alps
I thought I could use some skiing in one of the best summer
ski centers of the world; Stryn, in amazingly beautiful Norway!
Not really on the way down, but still full of reasons for passing
by, I took the stunning scenic route over Beitostölen, to check
out some tempting mountain faces for summer freeriding lines.

Heading on the winding roads finally I passed by the last tunnel to be
met by reminding views like this.

The reasons for coming here in the summer time are many, and mostly
easily explained by the simplicity of the beauty of the nature.

During the short time I had in Stryn in the impressive surroundings
of the hosting house of Graff and the splendid ”private” club Bob Bar,
and my favourite guide/host Johan, off course I experienced some
of the top class summer skiing that I came for.

Korta baksidan, ”The Short Backside”, showed up some magical virgin
fluid powder on the top, and some rough crunchy white gold in the couloir…

There is always a reason to go to Stryn in the early summer, whether
you are into skiing or enjoying a drink with Jossan and the crew at the
pub at Folven, or spontaneously as me and Johan, take the ferry to Bergen
and enjoy an interesting concert with Alice In Chains (!!!!) and Rammstein…

Lovely cruising on the sunny Sognefjorden!

Over & Out! // daHultberg

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