Hüttenabend und schlitteln - Alpine Legends

Hüttenabend und schlitteln

When we got back to Zermatt we had a reunion of “old” season workers.

We took the last train up to Sunnegga and sledged down to Othmars Hütte.

We were a mix of Swedish, English, Australian, German, Canadian, Swiss people and
the dog Maggie, who loves to go sledging or more precise to run along the sledge.

First a bit of walking and they off we went.

We had a nice cheese fondue at Othmars Hütte and to avoid getting a lump of cheese
in our stomage we ended the dinner with a Willamine Birne, a local schnapps with pear.

It was a happy crowd sledging down in the dark after dinner.

Keep sledging and eating cheese!!!


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