Kitzbühel - Alpine Legends


On Tuesday a week ago I went to Kitzbühel to look at a new hotel that
we are going to work with and also to get to know the village and the
ski area a bit. Johan, Lian, Peffe, Pelle and Karin were also there to
prepare for a group.

I flew to Münic and took the train to Kitzbühel. I hooked up with an Australian
man, Leo, already on the train from the airport and soon found out that he
used to run the Londoner, the most famous bar in Kitzbühel  for 6 years,
25 years ago. Now he was on his way to visit his daughter who was working
in the neighbor village Kirchberg.

I got of the train by the Hahnen cablecar and lost my way a bit on the way
to the hotel. So got a short sightseeing tour before I bumped into Johan
who came to meet me just outside the Londoner!  We walked to the hotel
and bumped into Katrin who is the Swedish speaking sales director of
Hotel Kitzhof where we were staying.  This is a newly built hotel with modern
Austrian charm and “Stimmung”. Nice rooms, a fantastic spa, a breakfast
buffet that has too much choice…, good food and Austrian hospitality at its best.
It also works well for conferences.

On Wednesday morning we had a short meeting and then we went up the

I was positively surprised by the size of this system. The conditions
were great so we got a good day up here and with Peffes knowledge we fast
got a hang of how the resorts were built together.

Here is Karin in 3S, a lift that goes 400 m above the ground, nothing for
people that are afraid of heights…

Here´s me in the lift above Pengelstein, a nice area for off-pist.

We had lunch at Bärenbadalm which directly translated means the swimming
bear hut. A beautiful place with very good food and fast service.
Pelle enjoyed a gulasch.

I took the opportunity to try the local spinach knödel.

Johan and Bagarn tried some syncronized skiing

We skied the Hahnenkamrennen down to the village and were amazed
how anyone would dare to go full speed  in the steep parts with those
sharp turns.

In the afternoon we got a show round of the hotel and the 130 m 2 suite…

On thursday morning we explored the village and enjoyed the spring that
just arrived, sun and +14 C. It is a very pretty village and everyone seems
happy and helpful.

We had a chat with the cute horse driver.

The resort calls itself Kitzbühel the Legend and thye also have something that
looks almost like a Dahu. It matches quite well and I am sure we will be back.


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