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Pelle Bagewitz, Powder Provider

Alpine Legends clients are mostly corporate clients on conference trips and
the level of skiing is spread out from absolute beginners to expert skiers who
want to go way outside the marked slopes. To be able to satisfy the powder
freaks we contacted the best there is, Pelle “The Baker Man” Bagewitz from
Solna, Sweden. Educated in the toughest mountain guide school there is, ENSA
in Chamonix, Pelle knows how to find the best and safest powder snow around
the Alps.

During his first years of guiding he thought that his home mountains around
Chamonix where the best and only mountains in the world, but now he knows
different. Guiding with Alpine Legends has taken him all over the Alps to Austria,
Switzerland, Italy, France and even to Norway and Sweden. He has also during
these years developed a great taste for wine and food, and when it comes to
coffee only an espresso or two is good enough. The first time you meet Pelle
you might think he is a stubborn and way too cool person, but once you reach
under his Gore Tex jacket and climbing ropes you find a warm and caring person
who listen to music like Every rose has its thorn and Purple Rain.

When Pelle is not skiing or climbing he escapes from the Chamonix Valley to
Bali for surfing where he also owns a house. Surfing has taken him exotic places
like South Africa in order to fulfill his biggest dream, to become a radical surfer.
If he also wants to become a great golfer is still an unanswered question, but rumors
says that he bought a house on a golf course in Bulgaria. This hobby will at least keep
him away from his biggest fear, being attacked by a shark. As you can see this man
is a person with many qualities and as bonus information we must add that he is also
a great server in restaurants, his favorite color is purple, he loves cows and there is
only one football team, AIK

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