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Scottish Pow Pow

With one on the best winters on record still pounding our mountains and cities, I took to the hills with some fellow self employed friends to catch the blue sky’s fresh weekday pow pow- scottish style. The motley crew assembled for this assault were to be Dave Robertson, my kitesurfing amigo and the Ginger Ninja, James Parkinson

Our fist stop was to be the infamous Glencoe with one of the steepest inbound runs the Scottish hills have to offer with The Fly Paper coming in at 40 + degrees. As we got dressed in the car park the sun was already beating down on us and not an ounce of wind or clouds in sight. I had to pinch myself to remember that I was in my homeland of Scotland.

After picking out the last of the fresh snow that the weekend warriors had left us, we took a short walk to a line which has been on my mind since I was a wee boy.

Taking a walk and looking for the entrance
Damn! How do I get in to this
like this i guess
Here comes the soft stuff – oh yeah

Mission complete


After ski was to be at the King’s House Hotel with some inquisitive local Dahus eating all the bar snacks

Day 2 the mighty Nevice range

Nevis Range ( ) is home to one of the  world’s toughest down hill MTB course on the world cup circuits. It also has some of Scotland’s top skiing with views to Scotland’s highest mountain Ben Nevis. Its a magic place to be. We were   joined by good friend Dave Comrey who managed to negotiate a day off for what turned out to be collectively one of our best day’s skiing in Scotland.

The mighty ben nevice

View over the back to the winter wonderland


After a warm up run from top to bottom the temptation to look further afield was just too strong and the next thing we knew we were looking over in to the back corries of Aonach Mhor. I will let the photos do the talking………

Yes – thats Scottish pow pow people


Dave ripping up the fresh pow

The ginger master at work

In the last 6 months I have been very privileged to travel to China and bike through the Himalayas into Tibet and Nepal and also to ski in the war torn country of Kashmir.  Days like this in your own backyard are so special and hit deep down into my soul. This is what it’s all about –  good friends, good powder and the the country where you were born. I’m praying for the ice age to come back to Scotland and dust the hills with more of this white gold.

Sometimes what we are looking for is just around the corner and not half way around the globe.

Till next time……..


P.S Photos Taken from Dave’s Video camera Thanks Dave

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