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Ski tour to Monte Rosa Hut

Last week Neil and I decided to go up to stay the night at the New Monte Rosa Hut.
The weather was fantastic and we skied the Schwarztour down to the Gornerglacier.
It was 10 days since it snowed so the decent was more like pist skiing, but of course
with less people and a beautiful scenery.

At the bottom we met some other mountineers with heavy back packs heading
towards the hut.

Almost there we passed the Zwillings Glacier where it meets the Grenz Glacier.

We got to the Hut and had a nice afternoon in the sun.

The hut is almost like a hotel nowadays with toilets and shower in the hut, heating and
single bunkbeds intead of the dorms that was the only option in the old hut.

The food was nice and we had a good view of the sun going down behind Matterhorn.

The alarm went of at 4 am and we set off at 5.15 am with our head torches.

I love the mornings in the mountains. It was a clear night, so calm and walking
is almost meditative. Then the sun rises and you are surrounded by beautiful peaks.

We made it to the 4200 m then I was to tired to continue. From there we had a good
view of many of the surrounding 4000 m peaks. Breithorn 4164 m, Lyskamm 4527 m,
Matterhorn 4478 m and Nordend 4609 m.

Then we skied down. Starting off a bit hard and icy…, but in the end we found some
surprisingly nice snow : )


Keep Touring!


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