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The perfect run!

Having dear colleague Mr Balmer, Chris, on visit in the Ayas valley and of course we had
to match this with the rare moment of cold pow on the south facing slopes of the area.

Hasse and Henke putting on the skins in the crispy cold morning, just below Bettaforca.

Stepping up with skins along the beautiful ridge of Palon de Resy, just above the
village of Saint Jacques, with a view all the way up to Cervinia in the background.
No wind, sun warming up but still minus degrees in the air. Quiet, just a few mountain
goats around, except for ourselves…

The three dahus finally on the top of Palon de Resy, 2675 meters above sea level.

A dream coming true; Henke finally cruising the huge steep fields of pow of Palon de Resy
after been sending wistful glances for decades on the conspiciuous south face.

Hasse diving into the rediculously nice snow of the larch tree forest behind Resy.

Three friends and a snowy mountain. Thats all you need, certain days. Hasse letting go
into the woods!

The perfect run is always finished off with taking off the skis one meter from the hidden
bar in the forgotten village around the bend at the end of the valley. So also today.
Sweaty, happy and stoked we sat down in the small Bar Fior di Roccia for a huge plate
of spaghetti alla Valdostana. We could easily call it a day. Living the dream.

Happy skiing to all of You! Magic winter 2012 is full on.


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