Altitude and Snow covered peaks - Alpine Legends

Altitude and Snow covered peaks

The last 7 days have been action packed for the 2 of us, I came down bad with
altitude sickness and we had to have a rest day to get my self back on track.
The next day a chase from a pack of rabid dogs almost put me back in my
sick bed. We have also managed to get in 2 high passes on of 4767m and
yesterday we put in a killer day of 84k with 30kg trailers and made it up a
head crushing 5010m pass all in 7 hours

Yesterdays head crusher @ 5010m The Fenghuo Shan Pass. Here is Chris
at the top of the pass.

Sunrise in China on our 3rd night of camping in china.

Now no self respecting Scotsman would go on such and adventure with
out his hip flask well we forgot the Flask and took the bottle!!!!

The temperature has been dropping to -5c some days so we had to make
up some make shift hand warms out of an old set of china army trowers
over a couple beers

For the next 2 weeks it’s going to be snow on the side of the road I am
going to be so ready to ski by the time I get back.

By the time we got down from the pass all the accommodation was taken
at the local road workers inn so some of the workers offered to take us to
the next town which we though to be only 2km but was infact 60km what a
cold ride!

Food has been all in all really good when we can manage to get in to the
kitchen and point at what you would like, but sometimes you wish you hadn’t.
Now some thing in the shops do have the strangest names!!!!



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