Company Information - Alpine Legends

Company Information

Legal name: Alpine Legends AB
Domicile: Stockholm
Corporate identity number: 556707-7655

Alpine Legends AB is a member of the Swedish Travel Agency Association (in Swedish: Svenska Resebyråföreningen, herein SRF). SRF is an industry organization for travel agencies and tour operators. The association’s purpose is to work for the positive development of the travel industry and to assist its members in common causes. To become a member of SRF a company must have, amongst other requirements, sound financial conditions and provide a statutory travel guarantee. In addition, the travel agency’s employees are required to have sufficient experience and training.

We naturally comply with the Package Travel Act (‘paketreselagen’) and the Travel Guarantee Act (‘resegarantilagen’) and have provided a guarantee in the form of a security to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The Travel Guarantee Act protects travellers when package travel is cancelled or interrupted due to the travel operator becoming insolvent or going bankrupt.

We apply SRF’s industry terms for package travel for our private customers. For our corporate customers, we write customized agreements and supplement these with our general terms and conditions for business travel.

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