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Amazing Atemberaubend Austria

Amazing Breathtaking Austria.
The Austrian tourist agency from Stockholm and Copenhagen invited us to
joining them for an Austrian workshop and discovery trip. Austria was offering
hospitality and gave us a genuine feeling of food and culture.
It all started in Salzburg, that got its name from the barges´ transporting salt
from the Salt mines on the Salzach river that. An medival city with
mind-blowing surroundings of hills, mountains and the Salzburger castle.

On this roof terrace I finished of my first glas of…
you may guess what… Life is good and I guess we agree with Madame B!

”I drink Champagne when I am happy and when I am sad. Sometimes I drink it
when I am alone. In other peoples company it does not work without it. When I
am not hungry its my appetite. And when I am hungry I let its taste affect me.

In other cases I do not touch it” ”Now it happens to be so, I am thursty”
Madame Lily Bollinger

A cooking lesson in restaurant Magazin in Salzburg was inspiering . Just having
a look at the fresh mushrooms and fish makes every mouth longing for the
tastes to come.

In Salzburg you find the famous chocolate Sachercake.
I even found myself a little Sacher man…

After a short city visit the trip continued to Zell am See.  From the top of the
Schmittenhöhe you find the surrounding mountains dressed in green. If you are
used to white and snowy mountains the summer colors gives you a totally
different impression.

If you like cars and if you like Porsches you know the engine is good.The newly
built Porsche ski lift in Zell am See gives you a smooth ride.
Imagine this engine…

After a mountain hike a boat trip on the Lake of Zell am See was enjoyable.
The head of the  tourist agency in Zell am See & Kaprun, Christian Pfeffer,
came with us and  gave us his personal touch of it. He is soon headed for
Sweden to joining the bike competition Vätternrundan.
We wish you good luck!

This little farm inside the mountains of Brixen im Thale you can either walk or
bike to. You can watch the chees-making-procedure trough a big glass
windown from inside the farm restaurant. You eat the cheese from the cows
behind the house and the pigs, well they eat the waste products from the
cheese making.

Lots of thanks to the Austrian Tourist Agency and to Helen Wiberg, Bo Schou Lauridsen, Katrin Grasser, Michael Tauschmann & Christina Nagl for an adventurous and organized trip. And thanks to all of the hotels and
agencies that joined the Workshops in Salzburg, Zell am See and Brixen im Thale.
It was great meeting you! Hope to seeing you soon again!

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