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Another hidden pearl…

During the constant hunt for hidden valleys and peaks in the Alps, this time the road
lead to the magical place called Valmalenco. Having a day extra for ski touring in the
Valtellina area, I asked my friend and tourist director of Valchiavenna, Federico, where
to go. Some other nice locals agreed with him, but without any specially convincing
glimpse in their eyes. So the expectations were luckily not set too high this time neither.


But when reaching the end of the icy road and putting on the skins at 2 000 msl, and start
ascending the vaste valley up to Rifugio Ca´Runcasch, my mind was filled with joy and the
scenery was just providing a huge rush. In the background you can see the ski area of
Valmalenco, not too bad or small at all, even if not big. And the impressive Bernina massive
lining the horizon. The walls surrounding the Piano di Campagneda that I was crossing were
offering a number of nice long descents. The favorite tour called Pizzo Scalino reaching
the glacier above 3 000 msl. My itinerary lead me to the peak of Cornetto at 2 800 meters.


Passing by the spectacular and beautifully situated Rifugio Ca´Runcasch just above
the tree level. And signor Hultberg reaching the peak of the day, Cornetto.


The few tracks coming down the wonderful slopes from Cornetto, and a band of Italian ski
tourers ripping down. The run was divided into five pitches, in pure powdersnow galore.


After a rather tiring expedition I had to fill up with drinks at the rifugio. The owner
was happy for some company. Even if we were only two hours from Milano, and
close to the north shore of the Como lake, in a beautiful place, there was no one
else around. The hut has nice rooms of 2 or 4 beds.
After the nice run down it was time to discover the ski area and then the village Chiesa.


After some awesome runs in the ski area, and a loop around the village, of course
I ended up in the most impressive wine cantina ever. But that is another story….
Go there and discover yourselves, skiers and wine lovers!

over & out,


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