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Cia, a guide on the fly!

Cia Ekstedt is the kind of girl that makes you wonder.  She is an expert sailor,
skier, tennis player, speaks several languages and never sleeps. And on top
of that she is good-looking! Born to a sea loving father and a snow loving
mother she was brought up with a lot of wind and snow in her blond hair. Her
mother at 70+ is still an inspiration for most skiers.

Tourism in all its forms has been the calling for Cia, be it hotels in the Alps,
flying long distance in Scandinavian colors or taking care of Rock Stars at
Stockholm Festivals.  She has a sense of service that is truly unique and
sometimes beyond. It´s best described by the time when she got a little night
rest under a table in a closed restaurant because her guests needed the last
room in the overbooked resort. Having spent most of her life on the fly she is
as off-road a person can be. Her repair kit is famous. She knows how to fix
anything from air hostess stockings to leaking boats. Most summers you can
see her touring the Stockholm archipelago visiting friends in the smallest speedboat
ever seen, hardly any bigger than a smart car.

She is a proud mother of Oscar and faithful friend of many, but she never
stays for long as she is constantly on the move. Have you met Cia you are
lucky, if you haven’t you have something to look forward to.

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