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Mia Freitag, free as a guide

Mia Freitag is as international as it gets. Her origins are Swedish but also Spanish. She
is fluent in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and sometimes stands in as a teacher
of languages but most of all she likes her mission as a Guide.

Her life choices brought her to the mountains. The story goes that she married in Åre,
but changed that after seven years to the Alps where she has lived in more resorts
than most of us visit in a lifetime. Finally in Andermatt she met her swiss wonder, Mr
Freitag, whom she brought to Zermatt, Zurich and Stockholm just to check if he is
movable and flexible enough to live with her. They married, got a beautiful son and
now live just outside Stockholm.

Mia has seen a lot in life, but she is still young at heart. She is full of stories and history.
And she loves her job as a certified Stockholm Guide, in the most beautiful capital in
Scandinavia, when she is not guiding for Alpine Legends. She has been a keen Telemark
skier and her favorite saying was “free your heel and your mind will follow”. As she is now
trained to be a Work Life Coach you might here her say “free your mind and your life will

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