Next Stop Tibet - Alpine Legends

Next Stop Tibet

6 years of waiting for the right time and here I am. The bike is 
packed and I’m about to check in. My palms are sweating and I
feel like a school kid about to go on his first trip.

I’m embarking on a dream trip a bike ride from the capital of Tibet 
Lhasa to Katmandu in Nepal

My amigo on this trip is the infamous Dr Chris Philison Chris with
8 years working in the Borneo jungle Chris is use to advice conditions
and the challenges of traveling in foreign lands. He has just finished
a trip to Afghanistan climbing in the Hindu Kush in a remote glacier
taking in a cheeky unclimbed 5000m + peek then a quick trip home
to Switzerland with a 3 day conference in Sweden this boy don’t stop.
He is my brother from another mother

Next stop Beijing……..


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