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No permits no travel no way

After thinking we had managed to get our self on the T22 to L@&*a with 
the help of the man we shall call Mr T

We rushed back to the hostel and packed the things as fast as we could

30 minutes to go and we have just put our bikes and trailers in to the
somewhat confusing Chinese baggage system. Long story short our bags 
will leave tomorrow and arrive the day after that it’s the only way so we
put our faith in the system and watch are bags head off in to distance

This done and we are off to get on the train but are told stop by the Police man
at the gate no travel permit no train. We try to explain where we are going
stopping in the north some 24 hours before getting in to T&*&t and will be
biking back to Europe but he is having none of it and will not let us pass

Totally confused at the situation we get  Mr. T to work out an alternative
route we will now be betting a different train tomorrow to Xining and from
there take a local bus to Golmud in the Qinghal Provence and then it’s on
the bikes 🙂

Traveling in china is not simple but with the man than can fix almost 
anything Mr.T we are back on track and still ahead of time.

It could be some time before the next Internet connection may be up
to 10 days so see you all then….

Mike & Chris

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