Schwarztour - Alpine Legends


It´s my birthday today, but since I am in a ski resort and everyone is working on
Saturdays I celebrated it yesterday with a nice day on the mountain.  The tour
we were doing is the most famous off-pist run in Zermatt, called the Schwarztour.

Here is Sheila, Neil, Uffe and me all excited to go on the Glacier. We took the lift
up to Klein Matterhorn.

To get to the Schwarzee Glacier you have to do a long traverse behind Breithorn.
For the last part it is easier to put your skins on and then you skin for about 30 min.

Neil took the lead. There are several nice ways to get down and we got some nice turns in.i

In the middle you cross a beautiful part of the glacier. Almost like a post card!

Some people headed towards Tommie’s bowl, while we found a nice line on the right
side of the big bowl. At the bottom we stopped on the moraine for a picnic.

From there we could see the persons that headed for Tommie’s bowl coming back over
the ridge and releasing a small avalanche. We also had a great view over our run.
It is one of the longest off-pist runs in the Alps since you start at the top of Klein
at 3 982 m and you end in Zermatt 2 300 vertical meter down.

We continued down the Death Valley as we call it. It is like a valley in the glacier.

In the end you pass through the glacier tongue.

We stopped for a quick beer at Arolied in the sun and then a short after ski at
Sparky´s bar. A good ending of a perfect day!

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