Scottish powder in SHREDinburgh - Alpine Legends

Scottish powder in SHREDinburgh

Scotland has been under siege from some relentless snow storms in the last 2 weeks.
I have been making suree to get most of this record breaking december snow fall. With
the roads closed and no access to the highlands for the first days we got creative and
found there is lost to do just on your door step in edinburgh

It just keeps coming

Yes thats edinburgh I am just about to drop in and this is only 20 minutes for the comfort
of my couch at coming in a a whopping 250m (823feet)

Even some nice cornices forming to drop

Not content with the turns during the day we had it up to Blackford Hill 164m for some
night time city glow powder turns after a roast dinner with my family i jumped on the
skis round the block and boom here i am

next up was to be some truck towing down in innerlethen in the Scottish boarders with
Chriss From and he bad ass new monster truck. and riding in the
back Big Al from
Scotland’s top Ski and Snowboard shop

don’t think the locals had a clue what was going on where the hell did this bunch of
hillbillies come from

on the drive home we saw this beautiful ridge and just had put are mark up there.
Massive thanks to
Mat Hay for the amazing Photos and also Chriss Ball

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