Summer blog on our guides - Alpine Legends

Summer blog on our guides

As a compliment to the swedish “summer talkers” on the national radio,
a popular show, we present our summer blogs on our guides! Portraits of
our carefully chosen and extraordinarily humble servants, ski guiding the
most beautiful guests on the planet around the Alps and other steep places.

Today; Karin Malmberg – True Monterosa fan with the magic touch.

If you just saw the locals of ski resort Champoluc smiling, it´s most likely
because they just met Karin on their way. The blond blue eyed 28-years
old skier came from Strängnäs to ski the Alps and fell in love with the place.
It´s still her favorite ski resort and she also spends the summers in the
gorgeous Ayas Valley. Karin is one of the skiers going up on the pistes
skiing more or less every day of the winter season, whether it´s clear
blue skies or grey fog. The true believer always finds a nice lunch place
to enjoy delicious Italian food and good company if it´s bad weather! 

Karin has been working in hotels and restaurants in Champoluc, but as
soon as we started up Alpine Legends four years ago we hooked her up.
With her exceptional sense for service and truly caring about the people
around her, she possesses the characteristics that differs the better from
the best. It´s a quality that might be the most important for being an Alpine
Legends guide. During the years of guiding guests around the Alps, the
avalanche of cordially compliments to Karin just keeps coming. Karin takes
life day by day and in the future, after fulfilling her dream trip of skiing the
Rockies, she´s most likely running her own B&B somewhere in the Alps, and
keeps developing her rock climbing skills.

If you want to pass by and say hello, Karin is to be found this summer
in the charming bar at Fiery, 1900 m.s.l. overlooking the upper Ayas valley.
Here she gets up every day on her favorite Sintesi MTB to serve coffee,
drinks and local delicacies to lucky hikers.

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