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The Alpine Scotsman Mike

The Alpine Scotsman Mike Guest – “the Motor Mouth”

When we ran into Mike Guest in the Swiss Alps, just about starting up the
Alpine Legends business, we pretty soon realized we couldn´t set up a guide
team without this energetic smiling Scotsman! Born in Edinburgh the 6th of
July 1980, the Scottish mountains always been a playground, either on MTB
or on skis. Pretty naturally Mike found his way to Engelberg, Switzerland, which
now has become one of his favorite ski resorts and the base during the last
powder seasons.

Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with
abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to
learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is. Those are some of Mike´s
mottos in life. As well, Mike has many strings to his bow. Scotland has more
than mountains, a lot of wind and seas around too. So this summer the busy
Kite surfer Mike, after been touring as event technician, also kite surfs as much
as possible. Except for continuing to serve and guide our guests around the Alps,
Mike´s vision for the future is to build up the Kitesurfing school in Scotland. Sounds
very much Mike, compared to his dark secret from the early years in Edinburgh,
when the active young man used to practice ballet…

One of Mike´s best memories from different adventures was the night ski touring
with Legend Roger Kingston from Hairs mountain Heli Wanaka, New Zealand. “Rog
comes over for his chill time in Engelberg and we did the classic Titlis round tour and
had a mad full moon pow pow mission, nothing steep, no crazy lines, but pure and
simple fresh pow pow boot deep. As you made your turns you could almost hear
every snow flake move under your feet. Oh yeah and to top it off there was a bottle
of wine at the hut waiting for us.”

The Scotsman is looking forward to another winter in the Alps, in the fancy
Peak Performance guide clothes, and I am sure our guests that already went
traveling with Mr Guest also look forward to his return. We round it off with
another wise phrase from Mike;  “We are on this planet to SHARE the knowledge
we have with each other. For me this comes in the form of my guiding work with
Alpine Legends, the teaching of kite surfing and the guiding of people on the bike
in the hills. I get my buzz from making people buzz!” 

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