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Trip to Levi (Finland)

Let me introduce you to my 48h story!

The plan was to go to Stockholm and meet up with Anna, Johan and
Erik but it all came different! Johan thought why not combine a trip with
one more trip…!

So I left Switzerland Friday night and returned back home 48h later.

Friday 8pm
Arriving at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and straight to Berns Salonger
for the 2010 Free Radicals movie premiere.

Saturday 8am
After a few hours of sleep we packed up our ski stuff and left for the
Airport to fly up north to Kittilä “Levi” in Finland.

Saturday 12pm
After a short stop at Helsinki we arrived north of the polar circle in

Saturday 13pm
After a short drive along frost covert forests we enter the ski village

Chris, Erik, Anna and Maria Pietilä-Holmner

Johan, Kajsa Kling, Chris, Anna Brolenius, Erik

Saturday 14pm
First thing after arriving at Levi, we got ready to watch the women’s
Slalom World Cup. We received 4 entry passes to the Team area. This
was the best way to mingle up with some of the Swedish ski stars.

Looking at the race slope from the finish line.

Who can spot the fun ski?

Saturday 4pm
Let’s go skiing!! The darkness doesn’t stop us from exploring the slopes
at Levi. The ski system is lid up and stays open until 7pm. Still enough
time to get some fun on the mountain.

The ski base down at the village. Waiting for us to bring us up to the

Johan looking for powder on the other side of the fence….

Anna, just about to cruse down the mountain.

Erik, looks nice but maybe not the right temperature to sit outside
for a beer today…

Saturday 7pm
The Hotel on the summit of the Levi ski area. We are shaping up for the
night in the village.

Saturday 8pm
Back in the village looking out for a good place to eat good food and
drink a bottle of nice wine.

Found what we were looking for and enjoying a mix of local food and

Saturday 10pm
It’s party time! We are out there to search for some coffee places, bars
and night clubs.

One of the night clubs in the village in a nice northern style in the
middle of a fairytale forest.

Sunday 8am
How about some morning skiing….

Johan looking out for a perfect line!

?? The signs are not much of help 😉

Sunday 10am
A little discovery walk through the forests towards the men’s Slalom
World Cup race.

Back at the race to watch the men racing down the mountain.

There are lots of people…..

..and other creatures watching the race today ;-D

Sunday 14pm
Unfortunately we are coming to the end of my 48h story. We are leaving
Levi with new impressions and a good feeling.

Sunday 16pm
“Tschüssbächerli” at Helsinki Airport.

Anna, Erik and Johan
Kiittää te erittäin hyvin ajaksi erinomainen viikonloppu!!

Let’s keep it up

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