Les Calanques – French Fjords - Alpine Legends

Les Calanques – French Fjords

The fifth highest cliff in Europe is just around the corner from Cassis on
the Mediterranean coast. 394 m.a.s.

Cap Canaille with my mobile phone

How do we know it’s true? Well we don’t but at least it sounds
impressive doesn’t it. On top of it there is a spectacular road called
Route des Cretes and it closes on windy days…

Route des cretes

Just opposite the bay of Cassis are the famous Calanques. A favorite
springtime spot for frozen climbers as it is all nice and warm. The same goes for the late autumn. The word
calanque is patoi, local dialect, for a windprotected inlet in the mountains.
A fjord in miniature.

Les Calanques in the distance

I was in La Ciotat for the weekend and the local mountains were calling
my name. I rented a bike and decided to take the trail up.

the trail

The special shaped cliff protecting La Ciotat is called Bec d’Aigle which means the eagle’s beak and it’s
82 meter high.

Le Bec d’Aigle The eagle’s beak

The view from the top of the trail was stunning

bike on the edge

The edge is a windy place though. 200 days a year the wind is 7 or more
on the Beaufort scale. La Ciotat is known throughout history as a shipyard.
Nowaday the ships are gone and replaced by rather luxury yachts in need of repair.
The area is soon to be a national parc to be saved for future generations.

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