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Kickoff in an Austrian castle

At last it was finally time for our annual Kick-off in the Alps!

We were invited to stay at Schlosshotel Rosenegg in Fieberbrunn, Austria. The castle
goes back to the 12th century, with ghost and everything. The legend claims that
Napoleon stayed overnight here…

We thanked the weather Gods, it began to snow just before the team arrived and just
kept falling. The micro climate in Fieberbrunn delivers a lot of white gold, which is one
of the reasons why the Freeride world tour will visit the mountain this winter.

Anna still got it!

Parts of the management in their positions, ready to start the conference.

Almost everyone where able to team up, 19 dahus. Unfortunately we missed beautiful
Cia and the super cool action hero Bagarn.

Our coach Henrik Nilsson in one of his greater moments.

Aperitif with our wonderful hosts Karin Wallin and Director Josef Kirchmeier.

Jossan is satisfeid in her new Peak shirt after a typical Austrian dinner with hirsch
and Kaiserschmarrn.

The bus can’t be much more beautiful!

We had to squeeze in a trip to Kitzbühel as well, Mr Andersson is pointing out his
favourite spots.

Pontus is stoked to try out his new stuff from Peak Performance, Salomon, Kombi and
Kask and ”live a little” in Mausfalle. Being a bit tougher than the rest of us he believes
that the best way to start the day is with a Hahnenkamm race…

Mike’s getting the Christmas spirit started with a couple of cosy turns.

The Austrian for sure knows how to put together an après ski, a great hut, a lot of
beers and schnapps, a big fire, jodle music and kalte platten – stimmung!

Kitzbühel by night.

I don’t know what you think but according to me this is the way to rent skis and try
out boots. Markus in the ski shop for sure knows the meaning of service. Our new
dahu Johanna Friedheim isn’t complaining.

Henriks great childhood dream was to be as cool as Maverick, Goose, Iceman and the
rest. I’m not sure he’ll get closer than this.

Katrin our local hero had to show us the nightlife. This is where it all started! Name
the pub and I’ll send you an Alpine Legends t-shirt.

After three great days filled with a lot of fun, seminars, skiing, study visits and food
we’re all inspired and ready to take care of our guests for the winter. Can’t wait to
see you all in the Alps!

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