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On a diet in Obwalden

The snow conditions where maybe not the best in Engelberg a couple of days ago but what does it matter when you can eat.

According to me Laub is always great, but on a mogul day you’re not as stressed as on a powder day and you have time to enjoy a long lunch at Ritz. A käseschnitte and a glas of rose perhaps. This fantastic dish, take a peace of bread soak it in white wine and cover it with nice cheese, eggs sunny side up and some fried ham…

In the evening we decided to see what we could put together ourselves, after scanning the counters at Coop the menu ended up as follows:

Hot shots as aperitif

Maybe not the most beautiful but perfect balanced taste and no complains regarding the quantity.

The aperitifs where followed by a (if I may say so myself) delicious fish soup:

You can never fail by serving the desert of deserts, Hofdesert (Anthony had a couple of bowls)!

In order to round up a meal probably you need to serve a Kaffee Zwetschgen (a pinch of coffee, sugar and plum liquor):

After dining at home we needed a change of scenery for breakfast, why not go up to Jochstübli? It turned out to be a perfect choice not only did we have a great breakfast we also where at the lifts before the crowd.

If you’re going to ski full on for a whole day you need a good breakfast:

Start off with some local cheese and a good cup of tea.

Round your breakfast up with pancakes, ice cream and an espresso – and you’re ready to go!

For lunch we just had a rösti with eggs and bacon.

For the untrained eye it may look a bit similar to the käseschnitte but I assure you it’s not, delicious as well but different.

To end a perfect day of eating we had to go up to my old home at Flühmatt (situated 300 vertical meters above Engelberg) and enjoy a schnitzel.

It might not look like it but it tastes absolutely fantastic!

Finish your meal with a Coupe Denmark or a Coupe Pineapple.


/ Erik

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