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Powder and big air on Brunni

After a couple of days of too much Christmas food here in Engelberg we decided that
it was time to work those legs a bit. Luckily we received around 40 cm of fresh snow
over the Christmas days. Yesterday we went up to Brunni for our annual day of playing
around with good friends. Titlis is a great mountain, but the sun doesn´t reach that
side now in December so we agreed on skiing on the south facing slopes instead.

Here are some shots from our legendary day:

We brought two cameras so that me and Chris could catch all the action. Here is Jonte
opening up the run from Schonegg down to Rigidal.

Same place, same skier, different angle.

Even though it was more than 2 days since the last snowfall, I didn´t have any problem
to find untracked spots.

Jonte and the dynamite expert from Stryn having trouble deciding which way to ski.

I went right and was not disappointed

Jonte went left and took some air with Titlis in the background

Chris stayed in the middle and was not complaining either.

After that run we went up to the top again in order to try out another favorite run on
Brunni, Wandalp. Legendary snow and small pillows. The dynamite expert tried to blow
out some snow in the forest.

Chris might have passed 40, but he still loves to be in the air. Even if he is too old to
reach the grab…

His landings still scores 10 points.

While Jonte is too young to understand that it could hurt to be upside down.

The run ended up in another favorite spot in Engelberg, the Grünenwald station. Since
the trains no longer stop at this station we had to call our guide Jossan to pick us up.

Chris looked happy with the day and started to pack up for an early after ski in the



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