West cost Islands of Scotland - Alpine Legends

West cost Islands of Scotland

After a crash on my mountainbike showing the boys from Åka Skidor Magazine around
The Scottish Alpine Legend was signed off work for 4 weeks and under  instructions to
rest rest rest.

boooooo no more bikes for Mike for a while

For me the most difficult part of a serious injury is the physiological aspect keeping motivated
and posative.

Now any of you out there that know me will know there is one think I can´t do and it´s
to sit still so here is what I have been up to. The adventures started on the remote island of
Tiree the most westerly island of the Inner Hebrides and would take me to the moroccan
desert and costal beaches.

To get your bearings have a wee look at this map Tiree

Sunrise on our first morning…

Looking back to the west cost of Scotland

Tiree’s original Harbor

Day one’s beach

The waves were not going to be massive today but the sun was out and the white sand
and blue water made you fell like you were in the Caribbean.

Mike Ball making the best of the small waves

Mike’s big bro Chris also making something out of nothing

Tiree gave us a great sunset as well to top of an amazing day

What a house

Believe it or not this is someones Private house. The owner can only get in via boat as
the local farmer and he don’t see eye to eye and have been fighting over and access
road for years.

If your think you have to get yourself to this island it´s a bit of a treck but its absolutely
worth it . There are flights from Glasgow and Oben every day or if your touring about in
a car there are 2 or 3 options on the ferries taking around 4 hours.

The hebridean islands are a magical places, fantastic surf & kitesurf, mountain biking,
climbing and walking, not to mention world class sea kayaking. For me the west cost is
full of adventure each time I head out there the landscape people the food keep amazing me.

Keep an eye out for my Moroccan adventures coming soon

Scotland Rocks!!!!!

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