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The Big Beautiful – Aravis

It’s a local joke that Le Grand Bornard, a small alpine resort, neighburing
La Clusaz in the Aravis mountains is often called Le Grand Bo prenounced
Le Grand Beau meaning the Big Beautiful. There is nothing big about it
but it still remains very beutiful.

Cows in Aravis

These happy cows produce the milk that will soon be transformed into
the smelly but mild divine cheese called Reblochon.

A world famous ingrediens to the most popular dish in most mountain
restaurants in the french Alps. Tartiflette or Reblochonade. According to
the Local Legends this cheese is to mature above 1200 m.a.s

A cross in front of Aravis

The Aravis mountain range is a perfekt chain of peaks between Sallanches
and Ugine. Or maybe the more famous Chamonix and Annecy if you like.
The highest peak is the hard to reach Pointe Percee 2750m

The Chapel and the Peak

At 1522m this church was built in 1671 to help overcome the illness
inflicted on their animals. The sign on the door tells us it worked!

La Chapelle de la Duche

Somewhat confusing signs as where to go to find la Croix (the cross).
No other ideas for a name of place?

Keep exploring the local mountains full of stories to tell

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