Stand up paddle Stockholm - Alpine Legends

Stand up paddle Stockholm

Off we go. Big we go. We paddled through the canals of Stockholm.
Stand up paddle, SUP, the new Stockholm hit. We had to try it out!

In the beginning we did our best just taking control over the boards.Anna, Ida
and Jossan almost got into a fight about the seamanship.
Who is doing it the right way?

After a while we got the hang of it. We did a two hour upwind cruise, through
the canal of karlberg and up to city Hall and back.

Linda kept us strong and took the lead. Johanna just kept smiling.

We had an enjoyable day. Learned a lot. We did not crash with any boats, but
caught some of their swells.
Alpine Legends SUP-pro Chris Balmer was missing out. We would have needed
his magic stand up skills. Check out his boards and board rental in Switzerland

We do know one thing, we belong in the mountains. Although we like SUP we
prefer skiing.
Always living the dream

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