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Adventurous incentive up north!







Wet or no snow in the Alps in late winter, whilst bright long days, and nights, in the Northern hemisphere set the playground for skiing up north. Many of our mountain guide friends from different corners of all the Alps are bringing their groups up to northern Norway, and especially the amazing Lyngen Alps, close to the city of Tromsö.


There are thousands of peaks and spectacular mountains for ski touring along the whole Norwegian coastline, like Sunnmöre, Lofoten, Senja and more. But maybe the most spectacular are the steep and high peaks of the Lyngen Alps and it´s surroundings. The highest peak of Lyngen is Jiekkevarre, 1834 msl. Many runs you can ski down to the beach and fjords at the foot of the mountains.


There are loads of popular tours. One sunny day we were around 30 persons from different countries reaching for the beautiful peak of Russelvsfjellet on the very northern point of Lyngen, close to village of Nordlenangen.

Normally the routes give you a multiple choice of ascents and descents route choices. Hopefully always one adapted for your skills and form of the day.


Their are a bunch of nice options for overnight stays, like the Lyngen Lodge, the Magic Mountain Lodge or the spectacular Green Gold Villa.

But while discovering the beautiful and vivid city of Tromsö, a row of different concept trips for conference groups also ”were created” in my mind. You could actually leave the skis at home and keep Tromsö as your base in August or September and we will set up a nice program with activities like sailing, deep sea fishing, whale watching, hiking, mountain biking and dining off every evening with delicate fish straigth outta the Atlantic ocean. At one of the best spots for enjoying the Aurora Borealis!


Keep in touch and we work out a legendary program for you!

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