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A big thanks to our sponsors!

Winter is over, even if our friends in Stryn and Riksgränsen are busy skiing (and our
guide Mike waiting for the first snow in New Zeeland). We had another amazing snowy
season and just want to grab the opportunity to send a big THANKS to our sponsors.

Our electric violet uniforms made huge success throughout the Alps this winter.
Thanks to Peter Malm and the crew at PEAK Performance!

KOMBI Gloves gave us dry and good looking hands all winter, thanks Jenny and Örjan
at Sportmarket! And merci beaucoup Richard Rydén at Amer for keeping us updated with
time, altitude and geographical position with our wristop computers from SUUNTO!

Simon Sjöberg, grazie mille our dear friend! SALOMON skis and boots are rocking big
time! And we are looking good through the new goggles! 🙂

Thanks also to Dynafit, Garmont and Marker for making our ski touring easier and funnier
than ever!

And we are most grateful to Klingheim providing us with great gear for safe off piste
skiing with the ABS backpacks!

And megathanks to Johanna and Nadja for our popular NAJO headwear, you are the

//Alpine Legends team of Dahus

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