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Icelandic top meeting

Just over a week ago we spent some good times on the spectacular island of Iceland.
With some extra days well planned before the group´s arrival we set off to the northern
part and the Troll Peninsula where the mountains call for skiers. I was here three years
ago investigating the ski touring and freeride possibilities, but then a cold March snow-
storm limited my expedition. This time the sun was shining on the northern shores.

We met up with our local legends, Marino and Finnùr, who provides heliskiing, snow
mobiles and packages and knows the secret spots. We went for the nice slopes on
the photo above.

Our guide Pontus unloading the snow mobile on the favorite peak of today, at 800 meters.

Pontus heading for the steepest run for today, the tricky coloir leaned about 45 degrees.

The best part of the skiing is the vaste faces without obstacles and space for big turns.
We had 10 cm of fresh pow on the top but as the weather quickly changed, as it most
often do here, we got some spring snow at the end of the day. We made 8 nice runs
with between 500 and 700 fall meters each. The snow mobiles quickly pull you up to
next run. Cannot wait to bring a group here!

After a great day of fun skiing in a new and inspiring alpine environment, with the
impressive Atlantic Ocean just by the end of your runs, we went for a really late
lunch in the harbour, fresh lobster soup coming up! The second best thing about
Iceland is the food. Amazing cuisine in the middle of the ocean. Then it was time
to hit the road back towards Reykjavik area again.

When our group arrived we had horseback riding, snorkeling and river rafting on the
program, not bad at all. As long as you can finish off with a swim in a hot pot. And some
crazy good party in Reykjavik between the conference sessions! That makes Iceland one
of the best and most complete destinations for small and large conference groups!

I´m always on my way back, either with or without a group! 😉


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