Kick-off in Saas-Fee - Alpine Legends

Kick-off in Saas-Fee

Once again time for the highlight of the winter season, kick-off with the whole Alpine
Legends gathered in the Alps. One of our aims is to find a place where not everybody
been before, and this time the choice fell on the Swiss ski resort most of us always
heard of but not many been to; Saas-Fee!

walking in saaasfeee

After snowstorms all over Europe with cancelled flights and closed mountain passes,
finally 18 happy dahues landed in the picturesque car free village at 1800 meters in
the canton of Valais, going straight for the impressive ski area,while the skies cleared.


Most of us maybe heard of the glacier for ski teams training. What we didn´t really know
until we got up there, was all the steep north faces diving down from 3500 meters into
the forest, delivering long runs and on top powder masses after the last days cloudburst.

Image_JPGanna pow


the teambuilding theme of Saturday was a photo competition. Four loaded teams,
powder and bluebird help out the inspiration and erased the limits of creativity!



The village of 2000 inhabitants, open almost all year around, filled with skiing for
everyone, and beautiful hikes in the summer, stunning glaciers, the highests peaks of
Switzerland overlooking it, makes this place a pearl in the Alps. We enjoyed good food,
great after ski, and first and foremost; very welcoming and kind people from Saas-Fee!
Thanks Ursula, Pascal, Chantal, Daphnée! Thanks Saas-Fee! We´ll be back soon!


The strong Alpine Legends team filled with inspiration from great conference sessions,
skiing, laughing talking and team building, ready to deliver service and legendary trips
to the best groups ever. Bring on winter 2013!

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