Engelberg ski jumping - Alpine Legends

Engelberg ski jumping

Engelberg is not known for hosting too many world cup events during the winter in
the alpine disciplines. But the ski jumping world cup event the weekend before Christmas
has become an annual event during the years. Since Alpine Legends like events in leaning
terrain we thought we had to go and check it out.

The weather couldn´t be much better and even if the Swiss hope Simon Ammann didn´t
manage to win we still had a great time.

As usual we don´t settle for normal tickets for these kind of events. Our favorite tourist
director, Frédéric Füssenich set us up with VIP-tickets in the brand new Eagle Nest just
next to the landing.

Not only did we have the best seats, we could also eat as much cheese fondue and drink
as much white wine as we wanted.

Me and Moni also enjoyed a couple of perfectly mixed Zwetschgens far above the normal
noisy crowd.

In between the eating and drinking we actually managed to see some ski jumping as

The crowd went crazy when the Swiss ski jumpers were flying

There are not too many lifts to choose from in Engelberg, but I can bet 100 CHF that you
have never been riding this one

It doesn´t matter where you go in Switzerland, there is always a strange live band trying
to play louder and worse than anything you have ever heard before

After this long competition we didn´t have that much energy left, but we still managed
to have an after ski jumping session in Ski Lodge and a fantastic dinner at the new Wasserfall
restaurant before jumping in bed.



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